Late Night Blogging

It’s Friday night and let me apologise, first of all, for the boring title for this entry. It’s just that life’s a bit boring at the moment and I don’t really have much to report. Or do I?

On the social front, Graeme and I went out for a drink last Sunday night. What I initially insisted was going to be an early night, actually turned into quite a late night. We had an absolute hoot of a time visiting three pubs in total. At the last pub, in particular, “we just couldn’t leave”, as I also ran into a work colleague and we noticed that everyone in the pub was in a great, friendly move, so we chatted with quite a few people. I love those Sunday night’s out on the town. They remind me of my younger university days in Brisbane when a Sunday night on the town made Monday that much easier.

And on Thursday night, I had a drink with a colleague who is heading off to Perth and Kalgoorlie next week. She said, “Oh come on… come to Perth”. Awfully tempting, but a lot happening here. Work is extremely busy for me. Looking forward to a holiday if I ever get the time. I’d dearly love to go home to Lismore soon.

Aside from that it’s work, work, work. Mind you, my thoughts have turned to holidays. Earlier tonight I was reminded of my time in the Northern Territory. These great photographs really brought back some memories. Oh holiday, here I come.

To relax, I’m enjoying a bit of television at the moment, including the terrific BBC series, Spooks which I watched earlier tonight. The show stars a terrific actor, Matthew MacFadyen who I last saw in the brilliant NZ film, In My Father’s Den, as well as another favourite actor, Rupert Penry Jones. Tonight’s episode was especially good. So Friday night it’s “Spooks” and on Saturday night it’s “The Bill”, although I do wish Jim Carver would hurry up and kill himself, or whatever he’s going to do. I remember getting annoyed with his alcoholism scenario which dragged on too long, as is the gambling scenario now.

Also this week, I watched Julian McMahon on “This Is Your Life”. How quickly he has lost his Australian accent! I also noticed last week on Letterman that he’d forgotten when his father was Australian PM – he said it was 71 to 74 – and didn’t know the circumstances of how he’d become Prime Minister… “he replaced the PM who drowned” (no he didn’t). How quickly they forget.

And another thing… I can’t believe that Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright are being described as Australia’s answer to Posh and Becks.

Sorry for this rant… just had to share.

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