Lovely Sunny Day

It’s lunchtime on Saturday and I’ve just had a lovely morning in and around home. I woke up at about 10 this morning, having slept like a log, due to a long day yesterday and farewell drinks for a colleague last night.

I wandered down to the post office to pick up my package – what could it be? – though unfortunately Australia Post Surry Hills is closed on Saturday. I had a bite to eat at Cossies and spent an hour or so sitting in the sun in the park near home. What a nice start to the weekend.

Aside from a couple of nights socialising, and lots of work, there’s not much of interest to report, so I’ll end it there.

The next week is really interesting, however. I’m going to John and James’ place tonight for a party to celebrate forty years of Cook Islands independence, I’m heading off to Melbourne for a day or so, I’m having dinner with Kate for her birthday, I’m going to the Blogger Meeting and I’m off to see a Me & My Sister tomorrow which sounds interesting.

See you next week when I actually have something interesting to say.

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