It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just arrived back home after lunch, a very yummy Masala Dhosa, at the Indian cafe next to the Dhaba on Cleveland Street.

While having lunch I read through the Sunday Telegraph. There was not much of interest in today papers, although I did guess the identity of one of the “Guess Who? Don’t Sue!” people in Ros Reines column. However, the television guide was good as I discovered a documentary made by my friend Christian will be shown on ABC TV this Wednesday night at 9.25pm. Boys Don’t Dance is about Ben Smart (who) has been a competitive line dancer since he was eight years old. Now, at 15, he’s more determined than ever to take his rightful place on the dance floor at the World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s must see TV! So I gave Christian a call and he’s very excited, as all of the reviews so far have been really positive.

In the time since I last wrote here I’ve been quite busy and there have been several highlights. One of my favourite nights of the week was Thursday when a group of colleagues from all over NSW were in town and I was invited to have dinner with them at the Narita Teppanyaki restaurant, opposite the Sydney Entertainment Centre. As well as having a great night with some old friends and colleagues, dinner was also good fun. It’s one of those cook in front of you and then throw the food at you restaurants which I wouldn’t normally go to. But with a few glasses of wine, some great conversation, and lots of laughs, having food presented in this way was really good fun.

And then yesterday, Judy, Greg, Cotton and I went to see an amateur production of the musical Chess, performed by the Eastwood Uniting Church Musical Society at West Ryde. Overall a good production and well worth the trip to West Ryde.

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