Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just watched the Kath & Kim telemovie (which was reasonably funny) and have chatted on the phone with Sue.

It was a good day, today, travelling to Newcastle for a meeting of our art group, Hawkesbury One. It was a really successful meeting and I’m pretty excited about some of the purchases we’ve made and that I’ll soon by hosting this terrific piece by Arryn Snowball.

Last week I mentioned that my colleague and friend, Christian, had documentary, Boys Don’t Dance screen on ABC TV this week. He writes, I have been inundated with calls today… reception is swamped, had an email from ABC Public Affairs… people singing the praises of Ben and his grandparents, people praising the doco, people wanting to donate money to Ben, people wanting to buy the doco. Had a man on the phone today crying as he told me how beautifully I’d told the story. Isn’t that fantastic! Congratulations…

I also heard this week from Tiffany who is headed off an around the world trip. She writes I’ll be keeping an online diary of the travels, so if you’re interested in taking a peek at the trip you can view the progress here: I first met her when we worked together in Wagga Wagga. These days she’s based in Perth.

A few things have made me laugh this week, including the joke, “Have you heard about the new perfume Schapelle No. 5? It’s for all of those women who’ve lost their appeal.”

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