Chinese New Year

It’s Monday night and, to be honest, I’m a little tired, though I have no desire to go to bed yet, although I should since I need to be at work early tomorrow. Yes, I’m raving, aren’t I? It’s been a big weekend of boozing, starting off with a night on the turps with friends at the Gaslight Inn on Friday, and ending the weekend with a night on the turps around Oxford Street last night. This is despite promises to myself that I’d have a quiet weekend.

In between I went to Grogblogging at the City of RSL, an annual event where nerds like myself get together to “get nerdy”. The only person from our regular bloggers night there was Glen. A good fun night, and it’s given me a few more blogs to read. Interestingly enough, Democrat Senator, Andrew Bartlett, a regular blogger was there, as were the owners of a couple of blogs I regularly read.

Aside from the weekend of boozing, I did manage to do a few other interesting things, including attend Chinese New Year festivities in Sydney with Kate who came down from Newcastle. Dragon dancers, noisy crackers, interesting stalls, including one selling spam and lunch at my favourite place for yum cha, Hingara.

A reasonably quiet week coming up, though ABBA fan Paul Burt makes a welcome return to Australia for about a month, arriving Friday and Damien has birthday drinks on Friday night, so there’ll be lots more to report on the weekend, I’m sure.

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