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It’s Monday night and I’m having a beer at the end of a long hot day in Sydney. According to the website of the Weather Bureau, the temperature in Sydney reached 31 degrees by 3pm (the time they normally say is the maximum temperature for the day) nd is currently 27.9 at Sydney Airport. After an overcast couple of days, yesterday and today have returned from spectacular summer weather.

Although I think the warm weather may have knocked my houseguest around a little as he’s currently having a little nap. Paul arrived from London on Friday and is thrilled by not having to wear eighteen layers of clothing. Tonight, however, I noticed a certain pink flesh tone due to a couple of days wandering around Sydney.

As per usual with ABBAmailers visiting Sydney, we had drinks yesterday at the Glenmore Hotel, located at 96 Cumberland Street, The Rocks. With its great views of the Opera House & Bridge and “normal beer and food prices”, it’s become a bit of a tradition. And this time we also welcomed Mark, formerly of the UK, formerly of Perth, and now working as a chef for a mining company in the Northern Territory. “The usual place, the usual bunch”, to quote a famous ABBA song. Pat also came up from Canberra. So after drinks, I ended up as a mini tour guide showing these three guys around some of the more interesting sites inner city Sydney has to offer. No, it wasn’t that sordid, just a couple of beers.

It’s great fun though being a tour guide of sorts, and it’s really nice having someone else in the house, the first person I’ve had in the house for an extended period since Damien left. “How was your day love?”. Hey, I might even have a dinner party or a drinks soiree at some point soon.

Speaking of Damo, we went to his birthday drinks on Friday night. I suspect we got home earlier than he did!

Work keeps me busy, of course, though not as busy as last year (fingers crossed) and I’ll probably spend a day or two in Melbourne next week (to be confirmed) doing some training.

A bit of a “nothing post” I guess, just an update. No movies, no shows, no exhibitions. But life is still good.

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