Big Brother 06

I’ve become a little bit “hooked” on “Big Brother” this year, although I haven’t really watched all that many episodes of the program. This contrasts with previous years where I’ve watched many hours of the program, though I haven’t really had much of an interest in the people. But this year’s it different…

This year it really is “Jerry Springer”, as all of the characters (yes, I know they’re people, but for the purposes of this review, I’ll call them characters) have a fundamental human flaw which makes them interesting. Yes, they’re attractive… yes, they all seem a little lightweight… yes, they’re probably all doing it to kick start a television career… but they all had this odd little thing about them that makes them human and infinitely very watchable.

In all my years of watching “Big Brother”, I’ve never seen a bunch so quick to cry. Maybe they’re just playing to the television audience? Or maybe it’s the pressure of the house? Or maybe it’s a phenomenon that’s become a norm in the group? I don’t know why, but all of them have either cried or have come close to tears at some point.

A fair number of them are so personally self-obsessed as to be almost unbelievable. The reaction, for example, to the discovery that one of them was an “insider”, spying on them, making them fail, led to tears, “repressed” childhood memories and all manner of self-absorbed behaviour.

That night, in particular, was “must watch” television. As the secret was revealed, three new housemates also entered the house in the midst of apparent “pandemonium”. As a failure of some of the previous programs as television viewing experiences was weeks or boredom as fewer and fewer remained, spending most of their time asleep or sun-baking, I get the impression the BB people have learned their lessons and we have several more weeks of appalling behaviour still to encounter.

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  1. I liked the way you filed it under “pointless”.

    I don’t know whether to be glad or sorry for David now that they have sent in “a potential love interest”.

    And why didn’t Michael just say “Sorry”. What is it about saying sorry. You’d say sorry if you trod on someone’s toes and hurt them… why not their feelings? Emotional neaderthal!

  2. I think the message for David in all this is “be careful what you pray for (you just might get it).

    See you Friday.

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