Succession Obsession

I’m not a huge fan of television drama, unlike many of my friends and colleagues. Many often make recommendations about things they’ve seen on the various streaming services. Often, they don’t quite understand the blank face I respond with to something “everybody is talking about”.

That wasn’t always the case. In the early days of this blog, I wrote often about my (almost) obsessional interest in the English police drama, “The Bill”. I’m not sure why I don’t watch as much fictional television drama, these days, except maybe there’s too much to keep up with?… Read the rest “Succession Obsession”

Hell’s Kitchen

“They’re all very well dressed”, Debra Lawrence said to the overlay, as we walked on to the set of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the celebrity cooking program that’s screened on Australian television over the last few months. Even before the comment, she was our favourite, as we got down to the final four, ahead of the program’s grand final. She’s such a terrific actress, we all wanted her to win, especially since she was up against Lincoln Lewis, Willy Mason and a reality television contestant we’d never heard of before.… Read the rest “Hell’s Kitchen”

Mary-The Making Of A Princess

“He didn’t really propose to her on the side of the road to Hobart Airport?”, I asked a couple of colleagues during the week. Both were Hobart born and bred, and in the 40-50 year age group. I figured they’d know.

Having seen only the last fifteen minutes or so of “Mary – The Making Of A Princess” last weekend, but having seen the fairly scathing coverage on Twitter (“They can never show this in Denmark”), I was still keen to catch up with the telemovie about the relationship between Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark and Australia’s Mary Donaldson.… Read the rest “Mary-The Making Of A Princess”


As I mentioned the other week, I’m not a great watcher of fictional television. When friends talk about “The West Wing”, “Orange Is The New Black” and “Miss Fischer’s Murders”, I tend to glaze over. While there are some shows I do watch intently, and with passion, most of the time, television is either background noise or company for me. I’m far more inclined to have music or radio as my “soundtrack”.

But the other week I decided to give “Nashville” a go.… Read the rest “Nashville”

Please Like Me

I always feel a bit awkward when friends talk about what they’ve been watching on TV. “Have you seen Nashville? What did you think of the latest episode of Borgen? Have you been watching House Of Cards”. You know what I mean. THOSE kind of conversations where a group of friends talk in intimate detail about a television show, about which you have absolutely no knowledge at all.

I don’t watch a lot of television. Sure, I have Foxtel and I have Netflix, but I’m not one for discovering new programs.… Read the rest “Please Like Me”