Feeling Sick

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just watched “Big Brother”. But that’s not the reason I’m feeling sick. I suspect a combination of overwork, travel and a degree of socialising has combined together, so that I’m feeling a little rundown and “fluey”. I spent a fair deal of both yesterday and today in bed and will probably take tomorrow off work to recover.

Since last I wrote I’ve travelled to Adelaide for work, which was good. Unlike the last time I visited, the weather was pretty spectacular and the city looked good. Although work took up most of the time, there was an opportunity for a little exploration around the city, including the Central Markets. The concensus amongst those I was with, was that Paddy’s Markets, although with good food, have nowhere near the atmosphere of either these or similar markets in Melbourne. Without wishing to generalise, the Melbourne and Adelaide markets are a little more ordered, whereas the Sydney markets are a little more chaotic.

On arriving back on Friday night, I immediately came home for a two-hour nap on the couch, as the first signs of this flu-like condition started to show themselves. Waking up at about 10.30, I quickly put on some clothes and wandered down the road to the Gaelic Club where “Combat Wombat” were playing. This is a band featuring a good friend’s son, playing politically conscious hip-hop. Although compared to other occasions on which I’ve seen them, the music was far less political this time, with a greater emphasis on the music. Aside from Kate, who was in the mosh-pit, I was the oldest person there. Upon noticing this, a bouncer indicated I could go upstairs where the “comfy seats” were.

Combat Wombat play at Spectrum, Sydney
Combat Wombat play at Spectrum, Sydney

Pat came to visit this weekend, ahead of a fortieth birthday last night for ABBAMAILer, Fiona held at the nearby Carrington Hotel. What a hoot! 70s and 80s music, chocolate crackles, and a genuine sense of “partay” made this a memorable night.

And from there it was straight home to bed, where I’ve spent most of the last twenty four hours. A bug has gone through work over the last few days. I suspect I’ve picked it up.

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