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Inspired by a post on Angus Kidman’s Blog I decided to do one of those online personality tests. According to this one I’m an Anxious Communitarian, though I also demonstrate traits of being an Autonomous Rebel.

So what does this all mean?

Anxious Communitarian
AnxiousFundamental Motivations: Traditional Communities, Institutions and Social Status

Key Values
* Consumerism
* Deference to Authority
* Need for Respect

Words to Live By
* Dress for success
* It’s only common sense
* Don’t rock the boat
* Buy it, it’s on sale

Money Orientation

Making it: My job is one of the ways I show myself and others who I am.

Spending it: Show me the label.

Saving it: I leave it to the experts; I don’t want to do anything rash or foolish.

Giving it away: Religious organizations.

Stealing it: Might as well take what I can get while I can get it; if I don’t someone else will.


* Comedian Tim Allen
* Household guru Martha Stewart
* Talk show host Oprah Winfrey
* Princess Diana

Autonomous Rebel

Fundamental Motivations: Personal Autonomy and Self-fulfillment

Key Values
* Scepticism toward Traditional Institutions
* Question Authority
* Freedom
* Individuality

Words to Live By
* Knowledge is power
* I did it my way
* The personal is political

Money Orientation

Making it: I want my work to mean something, but I don’t want it to mean everything.

Spending it: No frills, just function; will pay for quality and convenience.

Saving it: Gotta risk some to make some; I know what I’m doing.

Giving it away: Medical and social causes.

Stealing it: Depends on the situation, but don’t cheat the little guy.


* Environmentalist David Suzuki
* Hillary and Bill Clinton
* Martin Luther King Jr.
* Gloria Steinem
* John Lennon

My Reaction: I feel more inclined to see myself as being more of the latter and less of the former, especially in relation to some of the values about money and the “icons”, as I HATE some of those described as icons. But in essence, I’d say don’t know, don’t care, just don’t call me a baby boomer (which is what they’ve done), because I’m not!

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