As a childI’ve always been quite a trend-setter, quite fashionable from an early age with one or two exceptions, such as that terrible perm I had in 1985. But because I am such a trendsetter, I quite liked this idea from Mark and so I thought I’d follow suit.

1. What’s something you were into before it became popular?: Disc cameras. No, not digital cameras, I mean disc cameras. They were fashionable for a while in 1978 or thereabouts, but they faded into obscurity because the reproduction quality was so terrible. I was into them in 1977.

2. What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into?: The Simpsons. I always used to consider them an inconvenient interruption to anotherwise tremendous Tracy Ulman Show. I still think they were, but many years later I love ’em all.

3. What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get?: I was going to say crystal meth, but I’ll agree with Mark and say Harry Potter, but I’d add into the equation “Lord Of The Rings”. I’ve seen one Harry Potter movie which I thought was quite good, but I just don’t get that fantasy thing in fiction.

4. If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be?: Aloe vera soft drink. You buy it in Chinatown and it contains little bits of aloe vera plant in a weird yellow looking liquid. Trust me, you’ve got to drink it from the green-tinged bottle, lest you realise how hideous it actually looks. There’s one shop in the Burlington Centre that sells large bottles of it for just $2. I love the way it tastes… and the way it makes my insides feel!

5. What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway? Family History. In the last ten years or so (maybe longer), I’ve taken quite a big interest in genealogy and have spent endless hours at the State Library of NSW, on the internet, and in corresponding with other distant relatives.

Your turn?