Surry Heights

Near Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills
Near Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills

I saw a part of Surry Hills today I’ve never seen before. Although I’ve been to Belvoir Street Theatre on many occasions, I suddenly realised when I walked out of the box office today, I’d never actually been there in daylight hours. And subsequently, I’d never really noticed the view, and I’d never really noticed the elevation of that part of The Hills before.

Aside from that brief excursion, I also headed into the city this afternoon, despite the fact that I’m still not feeling all that well. I mean, I woke this morning feeling much better than I have been for the last few days, but I think that may have been the placebo effect of going to the doctor. You know how when you go to a doctor you start feeling better even if they don’t prescribe anything for you?

One of the most startling things I noticed in the city today was the closing down sale at HMV records. Aside from the very successful JB HI-FI which is both popular and carries a very broad range of CDs and DVDs, the end of HMV in the Pitt Street Mall in some respects marks the end of the “record superstore”. It was kinda odd walking around looking at all of the unsorted CDs just strewn on tables.

I certainly don’t think it’s the end of the record store, though. My local video store, which I haven’t been into for at least five years, seems to have survived the introduction of pay-television, bit-torrrent, cheap dvd’s and the like. And I’m sure record shops and record companies will survive the download revolution too.

With my shopping done, I came home exhausted. I quickly realised I’d pushed myself a little too far and retired quickly to the couch. In itself that’s been quite a good thing as I’ve watched a few hours of television programs I’ve never really watched before. And guess what? I finally understand “Futurama”.

As I’d never actually watched it, aside from background noise, while I waited for the second nightly episode of “The Simpsons”, I didn’t really understand the program’s premise. I still don’t think it’s as funny as “The Simpsons”, but at least I can laugh at it now with a vague understanding.

A big day tomorrow with a friend’s seventieth birthday…

P.S. Thanks for all the kind wishes about my health this week.


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