Benefits Of Daylight Saving

VCR Clock

One of the most annoying things about Daylight Saving Time is the need to reset various household clocks. Not so, for my VCR. Having misplaced the remote control a few years ago, I found myself unable to change the clock. This means that for about 7 months each year the clock is wrong. The good thing about this weekend’s move to DST is that the VCR clock is once again accurate.

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  1. I have a clock on the wall.. which is too high for my short ass to reach and to be bothered stacking two chairs on top of each other to reach… It is permanately on Daylight savings time :-)

  2. Huh. You found an upside to daylight savings. I’m also surprised that the clock is even remotely correct after 2 years of not being adjusted. Weird.

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