Harbour Views

I really love Circular Quay. In particular, I love sitting down there quietly having an early morning coffee, and I love watching people having their photographs taken in front of the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. I love seeing the look of excitement on their faces, as so many of them have come from other parts of the world, including other parts of Australia. They’re all taking very similar photographs, but somehow every photograph is unique as the light and cloud varies fro moment to moment.

These photographs were taken within about sixty minutes of each other. They remind me about how, even now, after 13 years living in Sydney, I still get a buzz out of seeing both the house and the bridge. And I love catching the ferry and taking that trip to Manly, saying goodbye to the city one minute, and then marvelling at its beauty as you return. And even when you’re not taking in the views, and you just close your eyes and enjoy the sunshine or the wind on your face, you know you’re suddenly in a very special place.

It’s such a beautiful part of the world, eh?

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  1. M-H Avatar

    Oh yeah… I love it when one of our STC plays is at the opera House. It always feels really special to go there. I doubt that I’ll ever take it for granted.

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