Parkham Street

Parkham Street, Surry Hills is a topical little street if ever there was one. I received a tip-off yesterday the City of Sydney were being asked/told by the State Government to remove all of the trees in the street to allow it to be used as a thoroughfare for World Youth Day.

When I turned up for the “photo opportunity” at 2.30 today (along with a photographer from the Sydney Morning Herald and a journalist and a photographer from Central) it quickly became clear it was not as bad as that. According to Marcelle Hoff, the City of Sydney Councillor who attended, most of the trees will remain.

Nonetheless, those residents who attended say they remain concerned about the lack of information so far available. They also say they’re concerned about losing their small park near the Buddhist Centre on the corner of South Dowling Street. The park needs to be cleared (except for one tree), so the pilgrims attending World Youth Day can walk over the nearby footbridge across the Eastern Distributor.

Anyway, enough of the politics. I think it’s a nice little street. It’s got a nice little school, a little Buddhist Centre, and (at the moment), a nice little park at the top of the street.

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  1. the concerned residents with the dog and the pram! classic touches.

    if i do the WYD pilgrimage, i don’t want any *trees* getting in my way!

  2. This is outrageous! Why should any trees have to go? I cannot believe that trees are being chopped down for the sake of a “week.” What happened to the spirit of St Francis of Assisi? Can’t the bloody “youth” walk around them – even, if necessary, on another street?

  3. If it’s not the council wanting to chop down trees in Surry Hills it’s the State Government. So Clover calls around to Parkham Street pretending to be the good guy against the State Government, but she doesn’t call around to Bourke Street where she can actually stop the trees being cutdown. If she really cared she’d listen to the residents on matters she can effect and find a smarter and safer solution to the knee-jerk cycleway she’s planned based on the wishful ignorance of some focus groups. It’s time we gave them all the message to get their hands off Surry Hills. I think Glebe residents are geeing peed off with her too. Maybe we should all get together and reclaim our villages from the pillagers.

  4. The pilgrim jihadi crusaders can slaughter a few heathen savages in the trees as they pass through. Onward to the Middle Ages !

  5. I received an email from a bloke called Richard who has set up this website

    He writes…

    Hi James – not remotely trying to compete with your own splendid site, but I’ve just set up the above amateurish website for our little gang of rebellious cyclists and residents on an around Bourke Street.

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