Swedish Diaspora

We had our final Swedish class tonight (in the current series) and I feel a little bit sad. Although it’s sometimes been quite hard – especially some of the grammar – it’s also been quite fun, as I’ve got to know a little about the stories of those who are doing the course.

It’s the final class because our teacher, Marianne is headed overseas on Friday for her son’s wedding in England, to visit her daughter in Canada, and to spend some time in Stockholm. And that’s just the start of the disapora of our Swedish classes. Also going soon is a bloke who will lecture and study in Uppsala later this year.

Most of those doing the course, though, have been doing it for family reasons. Two of the blokes doing the course are going to Sweden to get married (we’ve helped one with his wedding speech). Two others, who are already married to Swedish-born women are also going there, one of them possibly permanently to raise their forthcoming child. Two of them women doing the course are also travelling for family reasons : one to met her step grand-children (she’s married to a Swede), and another to live with boyfriend, possibly permanently in Stockholm. Oh yes, and there’s the girl who is returning to live in Europe, whose family owns a summer house in the archiplego.

We shared some food and champagne tonight as a rite of passage, though I hope when I return and class resumes at an intermediate level, most of them will be back.

In the meantime, there’s an open invitation to attend the Swedish Mid-summer Celebrations in a couple of weeks time in French’s Forest. I’m definitely gonna go, ahead of a Roger Woodward concert later that afternoon.

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