Quieter Weekend

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just turned off Fox News. Hillary has conceded and the panel of commentators are now examining the entrails. They’re not saying anything particularly interesting or imaginginative, or anything I haven’t already thought of myself, so I’ve hit the off switch. I’ve also just woken up from a late-afternoon nap, so maybe I’m a little bit grumpy. After the “busy-ness” of the last few days, it’s been great to have a “do-nothing” weekend. Not that I’ve somehow turned into a hermit, as I’ve still been out and about quite a bit.

On Friday morning, of course, there was the Official Opening of the Bald Archy Exhibition at the ABC Ultimo Foyer, which was loads of fun. I remember when the exhibition first happened, as part of the Coolac Festival of Fun, during my days living in Wagga Wagga. And now of course, it’s on display here in Sydney. My favourite work this year, for the sheer venom behind it is the Marcus Einfeld piece (he’s seated in a car with a skeleton in the drivers seat). My other favourite for the sheer joy of it all is the Julia Gillard piece, with Julia portrayed as Elizabeth 1st. It’s a lovely piece.

Bald Archy 2008 – the winner was the portrait of the Danish Royal Family, centre, which featured Princess Mary breast-feeding and Prince Frederik grabbing his crotch.

And then on Friday night, I had a couple of wines and a meal with the same friend from two weeks ago, though this time we kept ourselves much nicer. I was well and truly in bed before midnight, and thus bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work yesterday morning.

I then came home, read for a while, listened to some music and watched some television. I also went online and bought a ticket for Stockholm Pride which is on during the last week of July. All I know is that ABBA tribute band, Arrival will perform, and that BWO have done this year’s “official song”. I’m also reliably told the “Schlager Night” will be “to die for”. Beyond that I’m not sure what it’s gonna be like, except that I’m sure I can dip in and out, according to which musical act is on.

I caught the bus to Leichhardt today for a pizza lunch at the Italian Forum. The food was good, though not great, and the service was a little slow.

Leichhardt Pizza

I was also conspicuous as the sole, sole-eater in a cafe full of small family groups. Until today, I’d never really noticed before how much parents can often dote over their teenage children. To my left and to my right there were family groups where all of the conversation was directed towards the sole child. There was one couple, in particular, who didn’t seem to pay much attention to each other, with all of their conversation going on through the child. They just didn’t talk to each other at all, and I didn’t get the impression they were divorced or anything. They just didn’t communicate except “through the child”. I noticed the dad looking over at me a couple of times, though I couldn’t decide if he was noticing my eaves-dropping, if he was looking at me as a similar-aged kindred spirit, if he was trying to pick me up, or if he thought it was just odd that I was eating alone.

I’ve got to work again tomorrow, and then I’m catching up with some friends for drinks at Opera Bar. Let’s hope the weather is good.

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  1. Almost anywhere on Norton St is preferable to the Forum, I think. I really dislike eating there, although I’ve taken visiting friends there and they’ve loved it.

  2. M-H – It was against my better judgement, too, but since I haven’t eaten there before I thought I’d give it a go.

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