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  • Over The Bridge

    Over The Bridge

    As we caught the L90 bus to Collaroy today, we travelled through the federal electorates of Warringah and Mackellar. Both have been safe Liberal seats for many years, but for possibly the first time, Warringah (held by Tony Abbott) could vote next weekend for an Independent, Zali Steggall. I suspect a mate of mine who was at lunch today, who is a life-long ardent Liberal and Tony Abbott supporter, is changing his vote this time, though he hasn’t explicitly said so.… Read the rest “Over The Bridge”

  • Four Day Weekend

    Four Day Weekend

    Even though it’s Monday, the fourth day of a long weekend, I’m still doing some of my Sunday “ritual”, such as catching up on my homework for Swedish class, and doing my clothes washing for the week ahead.

    I remembwer vividly, when I first moved to Sydney, I had a fairly aged washing machine.… Read the rest “Four Day Weekend”

  • Easter Monday

    Easter Monday

    For those who don’t go away, Easter must be a time when people “get things done”.

    After going to his niece’s wedding in Canberra, my friend Graeme returned to a mountain of washing. He was up to seven loads at last count.

    Judging by the returns chute at Surry Hills Library, it must also be a time when people decide to return overdue books.… Read the rest “Easter Monday”

  • A New Day

    A New Day

    It was a brand new day, a fresh new day, and it’s been a reasonably interesting and straightforward day, as I’ve returned to my regular job after a brief period of “higher duties” while someone was on leave.

    One of the many highlights of the day was attending the opening of the Bald Archy Exhibition.… Read the rest “A New Day”

  • Quieter Weekend

    Quieter Weekend

    It’s Sunday night and I’ve just turned off Fox News. Hillary has conceded and the panel of commentators are now examining the entrails. They’re not saying anything particularly interesting or imaginginative, or anything I haven’t already thought of myself, so I’ve hit the off switch. I’ve also just woken up from a late-afternoon nap, so maybe I’m a little bit grumpy.… Read the rest “Quieter Weekend”

  • Bald Archy Bright Spark

    Bald Archy Bright Spark

    Thanks to some bright spark at the ABC who seized an opportunity when he saw one, the satirical art competition, The Bald Archy Prize has found a home in Sydney this year.

    Normally on display at the QVB, the space is undergoing a renovation this year.

    Instead, the exhibition opens at the ABC’s Ultimo Centre in time for the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.… Read the rest “Bald Archy Bright Spark”