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Today, as we boarded the L90 bus to Collaroy, our journey took us through the federal electorates of Warringah and Mackellar. Historically, both constituencies have been considered safe seats for the Liberal party. However, this time, there seems to be a potential shift in Warringah (currently held by Tony Abbott), where the Independent candidate Zali Steggall might be a viable choice for the upcoming election. Interestingly, one of my lunch companions, a staunch lifelong supporter of the Liberal party and Tony Abbott, appears to be contemplating a change in his voting preference this time, although he hasn’t explicitly stated it.

While gazing out the bus window, we were greeted by a plethora of political posters that adorned the streets. Vehicles proudly displayed the faces of various candidates as they traversed up and down the roads. People proudly wore political t-shirts, showcasing their allegiance. Notably, one house stood out with three posters endorsing a specific candidate, displaying their enthusiasm for the upcoming election.

In contrast, the incumbent Liberal candidate for Mackellar seemed to be the dominant presence in terms of campaign posters.

The bus trip turned into a captivating experience, as we approached a beachside club in Collaroy to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The impending federal election added an extra layer of excitement and curiosity to our day.

Late afternoon at Collaroy Beach, Sydney
Waves crash against the beachside pool at Collaroy
Late afternoon at Collaroy Beach, Sydney
Late afternoon at Collaroy Beach, Sydney

Closer to home, I had my own brief personal encounter with politics (aside from work which is lots of election-related activity right now) this week. Most nights I sit at home and watch TV/listen to the radio, but this has been quite a “social” week for me with a few functions happening. On Tuesday night, I went to the launch of https://50secrets.com.au/, a fundraiser for the Bourke Street Primary School, and also a terrific document about the history of my ‘hood. My friend, and co-collaborator on Surry Hills & Valleys, Karina Kreminski and her husband, Armen Gakavian were also there, along with Tanya, Clover, and all of the others who only need a first name introduction.

Tanya Plibersek speaks at the 50 Secrets book launch on Tuesday night. Pic from Tanya's Twitter feed
Tanya Plibersek speaks at the 50 Secrets book launch on Tuesday night. Pic from Tanya’s Twitter feed.

It’s actually been a reasonably busy “social” time since in the last few weeks. Of course, I’ve already posted about the “live radio” events I’ve attended, but I’ve also attended some exhibitions, including The Bald Archy for 2019, some of the exhibitions associated with the “Head On” photo festival, and an exhibition opening at Manly Art Gallery.

Bald Archy Exhibition 2019
Head On Launch
Head On photographic exhibition at the Paddington Reservoir.
Catching the right light at the right time. Catching the Manly Ferry. Pic: Catherine Croll

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