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  • Sydney life and Lismore life

    Sydney life and Lismore life

    “Can we send you a pizza order for a lovely lunch?” a colleague told me today she had recently offered some colleagues in Lismore. “That would be lovely”, she was told, “Except we have no pizza places.… Read the rest

  • Lismore Arts

    Lismore Arts

    It’s that time of the year when, for me at least, work and holidays blend together. Though officially not working on the public holidays, there are still work things I need to do.… Read the rest

  • Weekend


    At first I thought it might have been an LGBTQIA+ rally. On the stage in the nearby park, they had just rehearsed “We Are Family” (by Sister Sledge), and then it was “What’s Going On?”… Read the rest

  • Back to the 90s

    Back to the 90s

    A tip on Australian male etiquette. When you’re standing at a urinal you should only ever look forward, otherwise, you might see things you might not want to see. (Or maybe you will!!)… Read the rest

  • How old are you?

    How old are you?

    “Do you mind if we ask how old you are?” was a question we asked two people today. Not normally a “polite” question to ask, but it seemed relevant, and we didn’t think the people we asked would be offended.… Read the rest

  • Garbage Bin Art

    Garbage Bin Art

    While most garbage bins are dominated by advertising or messages from the local council, there’s a handful of garbage bins in Lismore featuring the work of local artists.

    I noticed them only today, having walked through the Back Alley Gallery which I’ve previously blogged about.… Read the rest

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