“A word of warning, it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s pretty busy down on the street”, I said to my neighbor, as we chatted briefly today in the back laneway.

It’s ALWAYS busy on Valentine’s Day at our end of Crown Street. As a long-term single person, I always forget about it every year until I’m confronted by all the doe-eyed couples at nearby restaurants.… Read the rest “Doco”


“It’s the first work you see as you enter the new wing of the Art Gallery of NSW”, I texted my colleague and friend, Lisa. Her partner, Genevieve is the artist responsible for the work which re-imagines historical photographs of Aboriginal people as contemporary videos. “She did that fifteen years or so ago”, Lisa told me, anxious to pass on the news to Genevieve about her work’s prominent role.… Read the rest “AGNSW”

Sydney life and Lismore life

“Can we send you a pizza order for a lovely lunch?” a colleague told me today she had recently offered some colleagues in Lismore. “That would be lovely”, she was told, “Except we have no pizza places. They’re all closed, due to the flood.”.

My colleague told me this was a stark insight of how grim things are in Lismore.… Read the rest “Sydney life and Lismore life”