Test Post

OK, so this is a test post more than anything. I’m keen to look further at the practicalities of mobile blogging during my trip using my fabulous new computer.

So far I’ve taken a pic on my phone and shrunk it accordingly.

My next thing is to upload the pic.

That wasn’t too bad.

Overall that was pretty simple, although I’ve made a few typos along the way.

Mind you, that could be because, like most of the country I’m now classified as a binge drinker!

4 Replies to “Test Post”

  1. Success! Well I think it looks OK, but then again I may have had a little binge myself, so who knows. :P

  2. It’s good to bring your own laptop, because not all the letters on keyboards abroad [Scandinavia] are in the position we’re used to.
    Learned that in Berlin while staying at a Swedish owned hotel.

  3. That’s true Peter, as I also found in France. But I eventually discovered you can usually change the keyboard format using the quick link at the bottom right of the screen. Provided you can touch type, remapping the keyboard to US International makes life much easier…

  4. Tom – thanks. It’s been a terrible week for me. First I was declared a binge drinker. And now I live in the fattest country in the world.

    Peter – I can’t remember where I was, but travelling somewhere once I remember the keyboard being quite different. Very frustrating. I’ll be passing through the Netherlands are some point, by the way.

    Damo – I did another practice run using the smaller keyboard today and I was able to get up quite a good speed.

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