Swedish Saturday

“It’s more Swedish than Sweden” was the text message I sent to my friend Grant who was originally going to join me at the Swedish Church in Sydney fete held today. Unfortunately, he was ill and couldn’t make it, but that didn’t stop us texting each other in Swedish throughout the day.

When it came to a real-life conversation in Swedish with some real-life Swedes I experienced a little bit of stage fright today. When someone said something to me which I couldn’t understand, I felt a bit stupid and I guess it took away some of my confidence in further conversations.

Still, I enjoyed walking around the fete for a a few minutes or so and browsing the stalls which were selling a range of handicrafts, home-made preserves, Swedish books and magazines. Unfortunately there was no Swedish music playing in the background. That would have made a big difference to the atmosphere, I think.

And then inside the Café Svensson there was also a variety of Swedish food for sale, including meatball sandwiches, cinnamon buns etc. It was funny to see the little cafe where we have our small classes each week suddenly alive, and so incredibly Swedish.

So in summary, this week I’ve been to: Swedish class, I chatted with my Swedish colleague Carrie, I went to see Swedish band, Oh Laura play at The Basement, wore my Sverige t-shirt to the office Christmas party and today I went to the Swedish Church Christmas Fair.

I really should just move there, shouldn’t I?

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  1. What no music? No wonder I didn’t go. It would have been fun and I’m just bummed out that I didn’t feel well enough. It sounds like a smaller version of the Christmas markets held in Gamle Stan every year. I was able to go one year and it was a lot of fun.

    See you at the next fair.


    PS. Don’t feel bad about not always understanding what someone said. You have come such a long way with your Swedish and you should feel proud.

    PPS. Just move there. :)

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