Sticky and Sneezy

“That’s because it’s such a disgusting and filthy place”, was the explanation offered by an inter-state colleague on the phone today, when I mentioned there was a bit of a pollution health warning on the radio this morning.

Although I’ve previously thought it might have been the spring clean I did at home on the weekend which led to my current case of hay fever, the news has confirmed my experience is much broader.

A health alert has been issued for some Sydneysiders to avoid outdoor exercise because of high pollution levels.

The Bureau of Meteorology says today’s air quality in Sydney is poor.

Children and those with breathing difficulties, such as asthma, are particularly at risk.

Although I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday, I still feel a bit crook.

Sydney Pollution – January 2003

“I’m a bit of a hippie when it comes to this kind of thing” has been a recurrent comment I’ve made today as colleagues have suggested various drugs to deal with hayfever. “I’d rather my body dealt with it itself”, I’ve told them, as I honestly believe the human body is quite a resilient beast. My approach, rightly or wrongly, has been lots of fluids and lots of rest, and to let my body “heal itself”.

And generally speaking, this approach works, as I’m generally a fairly healthy person. It’s ages since I’ve had any major health problem, and the last time that happened, it required surgery. That’s one case where I don’t believe in letting my body “heal itself”. “Give me major pain control and whack it out”, was my attitude then.

In contrast, a bit of a sneeze is minor. Anyway, I’m sure it will all be fine, once the pollution clears.

Aside from that though, it’s been a pretty good day, especially at work.

In the midst of it all, I also had a chat on the phone with Damien who arrives back in Sydney on Saturday. Time flies? He’s currently in Beijing and having a great time.

It’s pretty cold there, as you might imagine, in stark contrast to Sydney. As I went for a walk down the street tonight, I couldn’t help but notice how sticky and yucky it is. I’m sitting here now with the balcony door open and there’s absolutely no breeze.

Generally speaking, I love Sydney in the summer, but right now, I gotta say, it could be better.

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  1. Go down to the beach for a brisk walk in the sea air, or better still for a swim… that’ll clean out your passages so to speak!

    I suffered from a bit of sneezyness the other day, but it was from localised pollution – clouds of dust as I cleaned behind my bookshelves!

  2. “Clean out your passages”? Sounds like you’ve been watching the Sunday night UK sitcom marathom on Foxtel!! Thanks for the suggestion…

  3. I played bridge at Willoughby tonight and when I left the airconditioned club just after 10.30pm the stifling heat and stillness for so late in the evening came as a shock.

    By the time I got home to Edgecliff 30 minutes later the temperature seemed much lower and it was blowing a small gale.

    I don’t know whether the southerly change arrived as I drove home or the two sides of the harbour were experiencing radically different weather conditions.

  4. The Southerly change cam through around 11pm, Victor. James, one thing I’m not enjoying is the replaying of The Nightline on 702 during the day. But I suppose it’s one step up from the cricket.

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