Swedish Takeover

I don't mind if the Swedes take over Australia.
Thanks to Facebook Group: I don't mind if the Swedes take over Australia.

For the most part I “ignore” most Facebook Group and Application invitations. “By agreeing to install this application you agree to share all of your information and those of your friends”.. blah blah blah.. just screams information harvesting to me. But tonight I came across a Facebook Group that actually makes a lot of sense to me. It’s called, “I don’t mind if the Swedes take over Australia“.

Think about how good this would be…

* We would finally get an efficient and clean public transport system.

* The Australian Republican Movement would wither on the vine, as we would finally have a Royal Family that was well-liked and respected.

* We’d get to see Melodifestivalen on the ABC every year. And not forgetting Allsang pa Skansen

* We would get H&M instead of K-Mart.

* We would never go to war again. etc, etc, etc

But it’s not just good for us. For the Swedes, it would mean…

* Somewhere nice to spend winter.

* A dramatic increase from 9 million to 30 million in the number of people who spoke Swedish.

* They would finally get an insight into the mindset of a people that became obsessed with ABBA, etc, etc, etc,

Frankly… I can’t see a downside.


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