Surry Couple

I saw a lovely couple sitting in the park on the way home tonight. I’d estimate they were in their 60s, maybe their 70s. And they were just sitting on a park bench in the dark. As I walked up the street towards home they caught my attention. For just a moment I wondered briefly about their lives.

Obviously they must live in the nearby housing commission towers, because most people who use that park do. And from the look of things, and how they were dressed, I’m guessing they both came originally from overseas. And then I guessed for a moment they probably had grown up children, and probably grand-children too. And that’s when I guess the story ran out of its narrative. But I looked at them for just a moment, and loved how they were sitting in the park at night, having a good old chat and obviously enjoying each others company. It was a nice moment which I thought I’d capture as anonymously as possible.

It was a welcome moment of reflection and enjoyment after an otherwise busy day at work.I’m heading off to do another job for the next six weeks, while the deck-chairs are re-arrange a little further up the tree. It’s a temporary promotion which I’m looking forward to doing. But in the meantime, there’s still a fair bit going on in my job, and I’m trying to make sure I’ve got everything organised for the bloke who is filling behind me.

And I thought January was supposed to be relaxed?

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  1. My parents had been married 57 years at the time of my father’s death. Although they had their ups and downs earlier in the marriage, in their later years they were inseparable going for daily walks, spending several hours every morning at their local McDonalds reading the free newspapers together whilst eating their Senior Citizens’ 30c ice creams and drinking the accompanying bottomless cups of coffees.

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