Jag talar Svenksa

My text book, Svenska Utifran
My text book, Svenska Utifran

Swedish class has resumed for the new year, and tonight’s class was loads of fun.

Especially now that my friend Grant is back doing classes as well. It was great to have someone to have a chat to before-hand, and a de-brief afterwards.

“Why do you think he’s doing the class” and “She seems nice” were amongst the many comments were shared over a beer afterwards, along with one or two which I won’t share here.

As we went around the room during class we had to explain why – in Swedish – we were doing the class. Last year, I explained it was because I was travelling to Sweden and wanted to have some language skills.

This year, things have changed. “I’d like to work there for a while”, I explained, and “I’d like to have better conversations”. For me, it was quite an emphatic declaration that this “Swedish business” isn’t over yet for me. Last year was just a taste, I think. There’s something about the place which holds a great deal of attraction, which I’m still struggling to explain, or at least articulate in a meaningful manner.

Overall, the class was a load of fun, with everyone seemingly very motivated to be there (it’s an intermediate class now). We also seemed to get through a fair amount of work. It was nice being back in class with the old faces and some new ones, and I’m looking forward to another year learning Swedish.

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