They need more fat and salt!
They need more fat and salt!
“Do these chips taste like anything?”, I asked my friends at the pub tonight. The general consensus was the brand of chips I got out of the vending machine had almost completely no taste at whatsoever. “They need some more fat and salt” was the general consesus to explain their lack of flavour.

I mean, you don’t eat chips for their nutritional value, do you? They might be low fat and low salt and healthy, but what’s the point of chips if they don’t taste like chips? Twisties are great, of course, but they do sit a little oddly with beer, you must admit.

So it was our usual Wednesday night at the pub sitting around telling silly stories, remembering funny anecdotes, and flirting with the bar staff who, apparently refer to us – lovingly – as “The Mothers Club”.

On a Wednesday night, however, we’re the only regulars at the pub.

And when it came time for badge draw, we realised pretty quickly we had about a one-in-six chance of winning. Graeme is now $100 richer, which I’m sure will go towards his travel plans for later this year.


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