Loud Headphones

Magnus Carlsson Christmas Album
Magnus Carlsson Christmas Album

“Oh God, what have I been listening to?” was my response when I realised on the bus tonight the headphone plug on my phone was loose, and that I had been giving everyone else a taste of my musical collection.

It was then I realised I’d been on a Magnus Carlsson “fest”.

Magnus is a Swedish pop star who was previously in the bands Barbados and Alcazar and who now performs solo. At the moment, he’s my “most played artist” according to Last FM. I think he’s great!

Along with Peter Joback and Andreas Lunstedt, he’s also fast becoming one of Sweden’s most famous poofs, having married his partner. As part of Swedish homework this week, we’ve all been given a gossip magazine to translate, and I’m translating an article about him.

So of course, I’d been listening to “I’m Happy, I’m Carefree And I’m Gay”, “Walking In My Shoes”, and his wonderful duet Swedish version of Donna Summer’s “On The Radio”.

All very camp, you must admit, though it was possibly “Wrap Myself In Paper” from Magnus’ Christmas album that sent me over the edge.

Or here’s the full song…

You know it’s christmas in a week and a day and I just can’t figure out what to give away So I just wrap myself in paper for you baby

Don’t you just love him?

No one on the bus seemed to object to the noise, though, which is a good thing.

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