Should I Laugh Or Cry?

I’ve always been a fan of Ros Reines. To be frank, it’s the only part of the Sunday papers I bother to read.

In particular, I love “Guess Who, Don’t Sue” where Ros often speculates about the misdemeanours of minor celebrities. I love trying to guess who she is talking about, and sometimes I actually know.

I also love the “spotted” segment where people text reports of celebrity sightings about Sydney. It’s all just so incredibly pointless, and therefore entertaining.

But things have reached a pretty parse, you must admit, when Clare, the faux Kings Cross crime witness makes it into Ros’ column.

Bogan Girl in Spotted

2 Replies to “Should I Laugh Or Cry?”

  1. I love the ‘Guess who don’t sue’ section but sadly never have a clue who she is referring to. It’s so unfair.

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