View from Circular Quay
View from Circular Quay

Almost every time I make a visit to the Opera House or Circular Quay, I feel somewhat obliged to take a photograph.

I don’t know why exactly, but I still continue to find the place somewhat magical.

Tonight, Damo and I went to the Opera House to see Wil Anderson. It was the third time we’ve seen him, by my re-collection. The first time was excellent, the second time less so, but tonight I was re-affirmed in my enjoyment of his humour.

He’s older and wiser, it seems, after his relationship breakup, and hitting his mid 30s. He’s a lot more interested in politics, these days. And I don’t mean partisan politics, though he’s obviously he’s on the left of Australian politics. A lot of his humour, tonight, dealt with poverty, the Third World, and human rights. It wasn’t just a bunch of jokes told randomly. There was the narrative of a bloke concerned about the world, and growing up before our eyes.

“Who do you think will be here tonight?”, I asked Damien over dinner at Opera Bar. The pizza and fish were excellent by the way. Damien responded with “people who’ve grown up with him”. And Damien was pretty spot on with that analysis.

There were a few “fart jokes” here and there, like the one about the currency, “the dong”, but mostly it was a more elevated kind of humour than I remember from the last show we saw are the Opera House.

Overall, a good night.

Otherwise it was a reasonably quiet and uneventful day.

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