Showtune Sunday

Elaine Paige on BBC Radio 2
Elaine Paige on BBC Radio 2

Aside from listening to an awful lot of show tunes, I don’t have much to report about Sunday.

Most of my show tune quota came from listening to Elaine Paige on BBC Radio 2.

The BBC has a great new iplayer interface for listening to their radio stations via flash, instead of using those stupid bloody Windows and Real Player encoders.

Although it’s a little more bandwidth intensive, the quality is excellent, and you don’t have to worry about having that software on your computer. This is especially important, as both players seem to want to take over your computer. And for me, as a Linux-nerd, it’s especially good. I think I’ve made my point? :)

So it was show tunes, and a Guiness World Record attempt for doing the most laundry on a Sunday night. The house resembles a laundromat at the moment with clothes drying in all parts of my apartment, aside from the kitchen.

The week ahead is reasonably busy. A dance class on Monday. On Tuesday, Damo and I are going to watch a recording of The Chaser. Wednesday night will be at the pub. And beyond that, I’m hoping to catch up with a couple of friends for dinner, including Mark who is back in Sydney for a few days.

Why is it that my weekends are quite boring with almost nothing planned, and yet I seem to have something on every weeknight? Actually, I do have a house-warming next Saturday night. But generally speaking, weekends are spent faffing about doing nothing, and watching tv, and my weeknights are almost always busy. It’s not right, is it?

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