Four Songs from Frida in Swedish

After tonight’s Swedish class, I’ve been having a bit of a Swedish pop night on Youtube, so I thought I’d share with you three clips from Frida from ABBA’s solo career. Unless you’re a dedicated fan, you’ll probably have no idea about they exist…

1967 – Frida – En Ledig Dag. She won a national talent contest which launched her career. In this clip she is 21 or 22 years old, and is incredibly nervous in speaking about her life. It’s gorgeous. And she sings beautifully… (the song starts at 1.51, but you should also watch the interview as it’s quite special).

1975 – Frida and Bjorn Skiffs. Frida recorded a Swedish language version of “You Make Me Feel Brand New” with Bjorn Skiffs who, famously, sang “Hooked On A Feeling” as part of the band Blue Suede.

1987 – Frida and Ratata – Så Länge Vi Har Varann: A duet with the Swedish pop group, Ratata. They also recorded an English language version called, As Long As I Have You.

1995 – Frida – Även en blomma. Complete with English subtitles, this is a beautiful song which Frida recorded as part of a Swedish language “comeback CD” called “Djupa Andetag” (Deep Breaths”).

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