ABBA – Voyage

The arrival of a new ABBA record back in the 70s and 80s was always a hit and miss affair in Lismore, the country town where I grew up. Though we always knew the date of a new release, there were sometimes delays in it arriving in town. “Has it arrived yet?” I would often ask Jeff from the local branch of Palings, and would be disappointed to discover it was still a few days away.  … Read the rest “ABBA – Voyage”

What do you think of the new ABBA songs?

I spent a lot of the day answering questions from friends, family and colleagues. You know how it is, though. You’re trying to do your job (Friday always has lots of deadlines I need to meet), and there’s a pop up message which you answer quickly, ignore, or promise yourself to get back to later in the day.

The questions, today, weren’t especially complex. They often didn’t involve a simple “hi, hello” greeting. No context was needed.… Read the rest “What do you think of the new ABBA songs?”

Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper report about the forthcoming “ABBA reunion”. There are two new songs to be released over the next year; there’s a major TV special coming up around Christmas; there’s a “virtual reality” tour on the way; and of course, there’s the latest “Mamma Mia” movie, released this week, which I saw last night.

But ten years ago, the thought of ABBA getting back together was never on the cards.… Read the rest “Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again”

Muriel’s Wedding – The Musical

There was a moment toward the end of tonight’s show when a large tear welled up, and rolled down my right cheek. It’s also the bit in the movie that always upset me: the moment when the mother died. Or rather, committed suicide.

My mum didn’t commit suicide, but in many ways, she had lost the will to live. Though not by her daughters and me, my mum was similar to Betty Helsop: also called Betty, she was undervalued and often verbally and physically abused by her broader family.… Read the rest “Muriel’s Wedding – The Musical”