The pop group I’ve loved since childhood.

  • Life Is Good As An ABBA Song

    Life Is Good As An ABBA Song

    “I always smile when I hear an ABBA song played at a bar in Sweden. There’s absolutely no sense of hipster irony in playing ABBA in Sweden. Just pure affection…” I thought to myself.… Read the rest

  • International ABBA Day – The Main Day

    International ABBA Day – The Main Day

    “If you’re in the ABBA Museum and you’re standing near the Ring Ring exhibit, you should answer the phone, as it’s probably going to be Frida” we were told by Ingmarie Halling from the ABBA Museum, soon to open in Stockholm.… Read the rest

  • International ABBA Day – The First Night

    International ABBA Day – The First Night

    I’ll be the first to admit I can sometimes be a little bit socially awkward. In a group of four or five people I’m fine, but in a large room I am often the “wall flower” who finds it difficult to meet people and to make conversation.… Read the rest

  • The Dutch Train System – Part Two

    The Dutch Train System – Part Two

    The only two words of the Dutch language I know are “alstublieft” and “bedankt” (please and thankyou). So the following translation of the accompanying hand-written note is only a guestimation on my part.… Read the rest

  • Nyheter från Stockholm

    Nyheter från Stockholm

    “Speaking out on SVT tonight – Agnetha Fältskog on her difficult times” proclaimed the Aftonbladet news-stand headline all over Stockholm today. Thirty years after their break up, ABBA remains an important part of the national consciousness here, and an appearance on a national talk-show is enough to generate national news.… Read the rest

  • Stockholm Under Construction

    Stockholm Under Construction

    I swear there must be a secret plan for Stockholm to put in a bid to host the Olympic Games. That, or they’re expecting a Swedish economic crisis, so they’re doing as much now as they possibly can.… Read the rest

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