Friday Night

Shop Window on Bourke Street, Surry Hills
Shop Window on Bourke Street, Surry Hills

“Stop it James”, a colleague said to me in the cafe at work at around lunch-time.

He walked up to me, thinking I was checking email on my blackberry or something like that.

Instead, I was sending a text to Graeme to see if he felt like a beer after work.

My colleague was much relieved.

What was going to be a reasonably quiet and simple drink after work, of course, turned into a bigger night on the town.

It wasn’t all boozing though, as we managed to have a bite to eat at that great Mexican place on Crown Street, and later we caught up with Andrew and David at the final Bears Night at The Flinders, at which I was the only person dressed in a suit. A fun night.

As I walked home at about midnight, though, in a very sober state, a few things along the way also made me smile.

* I loved the people playing “Intercom Karaoke” at the St Margaret’s Complex. “Ring Ring, why don’t you give me a call”, they sang into the karaoke from their upstairs apartment to anyone who would listen passing by on Bourke Street.

* I loved the look on the face of a prominent Australian actor when I kinda stared at him as he walked past. I respected his privacy and he respected mine. It wasn’t until about 5 seconds after he passed that I recognised him.

* I love passing the street-pashers. There must have been two or three couples having a pash on the street as they came out of nearby bars.


* I loved the shop window I snapped a photograph of.

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