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Botanic Gardens Lunch
Botanic Gardens Lunch

In the midst of an otherwise crazy, and somewhat unexpected and unplanned day, I went out for lunch.

I’d been planning it for some time, and so I wasn’t about to change my plans at short notice, despite the day.

In some ways it was kind of a “welcome to Sydney” lunch for a couple of colleagues who have recently moved here from Brisbane and Perth.

In other ways, it was just a nice excuse to take a bit of a break in the middle of the week.

Four of us went for lunch at the restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. How nice was the view and the atmosphere, despite the warm weather?

They had a “set lunch” with barramundi steamed in bark with some lovely vegetables and a sweet chilli sauce.

Although it was described by my colleauge on Twitter as “Barramundi baked in paperbark served with green bean, kipfler potato & macadamia salad.”

We even had a beer to start off the meal. How exotic was that?

Overall a really lovely moment and one which I must do more often in future.

And here’s another pic from lunch, posted by one of my colleagues….

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