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Empty Bus stop on the day of the Sydney Bus Strike
Empty Busstop on the day of the Sydney Bus Strike

Oddly enough as I walked to work this morning I noticed a lot of people waiting at bus stops.

“Had they not heard the news about the bus-strike?”, I thought to myself.

Maybe they were hoping the bus strike would end soon?

Maybe they were waiting for a taxi?

Or maybe they were living under the idea that it’s reasonable to wait several buses to arrive, until finally three or four arrive at once one after the other? The first and second are overloaded with passengers, and the third is completely empty. But of course, that would never happen in Sydney :)

Or maybe they were ladies with fried eggs on their foreheads?

I explained this reference to a colleague today at work when she noted “everyone’s gone crazy”, at which I agreed.

It’s a reference to the Bette Midler “Live At Last” CD where she talks about how the ladies with “fried eggs on their foreheads don’t usually come out until September or October”. It’s a wonderful lead in to the song “Hello in There”, in which she explains eccentricity.

I’m not sure about that, but there are certainly a few “ladies with fried eggs on their foreheads” at the moment, from my experience at least.

It was a mad day at work. Frankly, I was hanging out for a beer from about 2pm, and so when my mate and colleague asked at about 4 if I wanted to have a drink after work, I could have kissed him on the lips.

By the time I got home tonight I wanted nothing more than a night of peace and quiet. The phone rang with a social invitation which was much appreciated, but otherwise…

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