Party Saturday

“I swear it’s Thousand Island Dressing”, Sam said to me when he came out of the Sushi Shop in Newtown. On close inspection, the accompanying sauce bore a remarkable resemblance to the sauce I’ve stacked on the shelves of numerous Coles Supermarket shelves, but have never actually tasted. I chose not to have the sushi, instead preferring the chicken which was very tasty.

Thousand Island Dressing Sushi
Thousand Island Dressing Sushi

We were half way between parties, both of which were held by colleagues, and both of which were in the Newtown/Erskineville/Enmore areas. Sam and I met at The Rose Of Australia, a great little pub in a great little suburb. We both agreed it was a very “liveable place”, with Sam declaring it was “like Balmain and Newtown had a baby and they called it Erskineville”. The first party, a Christmas drinks function, included lots of people from the North Coast. The second was more of a “work function”, with about half those attending being people I knew from work. It was a housewarming party for a colleague who bought a near derelict house twelve months ago, and who has been renovating like crazy ever since. We both had a great day.

Hello Kitty Nails Chair
We left the housewarming at about ten and made our way back through Newtown. Amongst the sights we noted was the “Hello Kitty Chair” in the nail salon on Enmore Road. We both agreed we’d love to have our nails done in that chair :)

Back in The Surry, there’s a party going on at the house across the road. They’re loud, but even though they’re chatty, and I’ve got the window open, I don’t mind so much. They sound like a nice group of people. And there’s no doof-doof, just a gentle chatter. Tis the season, I guess.

Favourite new quote of the day? “Oh my God, I looked like Madonna going out to buy milk”.

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