St Mary’s v David Jones

St Marys Cathedral for Christmas
St Marys Cathedral for Christmas

I was feeling a bit grumpy tonight so I decided to pop into town to check out the Christmas Windows at David Jones and the Nativity Scene at St Mary’s Cathedral.

The delayed bus service didn’t help my grumpiness by the way.

But by the time I’d arrived at DJ’s corner I was feeling much more relaxed.

The windows were quite busy, by the way, with loads of people, mostly families standing around, looking inside.

Even though it’s Christmas, you’d never know.

Well that’s not entirely true. There are lots of Christmas themed displays, but generally speaking you have to look closely to note their Christian basis. There’s only one or two where you look at them and realise, without hesitation, they’re about Christmas, and not something from Disney. Still, I guess they’re aimed at the general kids market.

Meanwhile over at St Mary’s, there’s a beautiful nativity scene which they’ve been dragging out for the last few years.

Unlike DJ’s, parents were loudly asking their kids questions about what it all meant. Bloody Catholics :)

At St Mary’s, they’ve also done a great job in lighting up the building crayon-like.

When it comes to Christmas lights, St Mary’s wins this year in my view.

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  1. I think that lighting St Mary’s is part of a month long decorative lighting of public buildings along Macquarie Street.

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