Peace and Quiet

View from near the Cruising Yacht Club at Rushcutters Bay
View from near the Cruising Yacht Club at Rushcutters Bay

In the midst of an otherwise, “noisy” day, I need a bit of peace and quiet tonight.

It was a fairly mundane day at work. It was more “logistics” than anything else. And although I’m quite good at logistics, I found myself defeated on a couple of occasions today.

Ah well, I did get to do some creative stuff, too.

And I did get to go out for a while to the Cruising Yacht Club, ahead of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

I can scarcely believe it, that they already have a media center up and running.

There’s quite a few yachts already in place, though the bloke who runs it told me that on the day itself, it’ll be three or four times that amount.

My main interest was whether or not we had a clear view to Centrepoint Tower (to get the signal there).

But in between, I did manage to take in some of the spectacular view.

It was a real highlight in an otherwise humdrum day.

And so here I am at home with a glass of wine and catching up on Twitter, Facebook, and all of those other distractions.

To preserve my sanity, I feel like it might be time to get out and about and clear my head.

I might head down to St Mary’s to see the Nativity Scene.

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