Last day at work

Arbisko National Park, on the northern border between Norway and Sweden.
Arbisko National Park, on the northern border between Norway and Sweden.

It was my last day at work, and I can’t help but compare this final day to the last time I travelled to Sweden, and how I was feeling about life and work then.

Two years ago, I was both emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Mentally, I wasn’t in a very good state at all when I headed off on the trip. I was, quite frankly, well and truly “over” my job, and I was feeling somewhat direction-less there.

But then I had the holiday, was completely revitalised, and came back with a new lease on life, including my job. I began to remember why I love what I do.

This time, however, I am very happy in my job. And I’m even a little disappointed to be going, as I am genuinely having a wonderful time.

I’m also feeling much happier in myself. I feel good about me. And I don’t feel like I’m “running away from my life”, which is possibly a large part of what I was doing two years ago.

I still can’t quite believe it when I go on a major holiday like this.

I guess in the back of my mind, there’s still something about “The Boy from Lismore” feeling that it’s completely ostentatiousness to be able to afford to go on overseas holidays.

It’s like that song by “Talking Heads”, “Once In A Lifetime” when David Byrne asks, “Well, how did I get here…?”

Author: James O'Brien

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