Final Class

Lutheran Church and Cafe Svensson on Goulburn Street, Sydney
Lutheran Church and Cafe Svensson on Goulburn Street, Sydney

In twenty-four hours time, I’ll be on the plane.

Tonight was, thus, my final Swedish class before heading off.

I thought the first half of tonight’s class was reasonably straight-forward, mostly because I’d actually done the homework, and had actually prepared before-hand. It was a grammar exercise which I normally hate, but am now determined to do because “they’re good for me”/

But then the second half of tonight’s class was a little tougher, as we’re reading a short-story with a significantly extended vocabulary.

It’ll be interesting to see how my language skills develop over the next few weeks, without the discipline of grammar exercises, but with the practical application of the language.

I’m obviously much better prepared for the language than I was when I visited Sweden almost two years ago. I’m determined to do as much of this trip as possible without English.

But am I packed? Well, no.

I do, however, haven a neat pile of clothes on the floor sitting next to my suitcase, which amounts to a plan for packing.

I’ve dragged out an old pull-over which I haven’t worn for a while, but which I love very much. It’s almost twenty years old, but remains in excellent shape, just like when I bought it. It’s a lovely green, pure wool, pull-over.

Some of my clothes pile spent the night in the washing machine. Even though they’re clean, I thought a good wash wouldn’t do them any harm.

And otherwise, I haven’t done all that much today.

I popped into work, briefly, for a drink to farewell a couple who I work with who are getting married.

I went out for a bite to eat at the nearby Thai which has a great lunch-time special.

And I did my best to make sure I had everything organised tech-wise, with a computer full of music and videos for the flight.

But am I ready?

Mentally, I feel quite good, though I guess it hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m heading off on my overseas holiday. I’m guessing it will sink in when I wake up in the morning,

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  1. I love our parallel lives. I also have some neat piles, but have not yet pulled out my suitcase. Have soem of my tech stuff together, but not all. Did some laundry as well and had drinks with friends. Still lots of work to do…

  2. Perhaps to celebrate your impending trip I managed to encounter possibly only my 6th EVER swede yesterday :) From talking to him I think I will abandon all ideas to hit Scandinavia over our summer.

    He was from Stockholm so he was a good objective party to answer that should I go North or South question cos all the Swedes are biased saying that I have to visit the parts they live cos they are better…anyway the verdict from him was South (cos of the people and culture)…which means i guess I would head North (for the nature and isolation), lol.

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