Long Hot Summer

Smokey Sunset
Smokey Sunset

Will summer ever end?

I’m beginning to think my worst fears of a year with two winters may have been exaggerated.

That said, I am going to Melbourne next week where there’s bound to be a chill in the air.

There was a “controlled burn” in the Blue Mountaind (I think) today which left a lot of smoke over the city.

In between jobs at work – I needed to be at work early this evening – a colleague and I sneaked out for a late afternoon beer and chat at a pub near Central at about 5.30 today.

As we sat outside and chatted about things which have been happening at work this week, I looked over towards Central and caught the beauty of the sunset. Who would have thought bushfire smoke could be so beautiful?

I missed Swedish class tonight, due to these commitments.

But as I sat there and contemplated going back to work, and thinking about my recent trip to Sweden, I concluded that for all of the natural beauty which Stockholm has, “Sydney’s a pretty special place too…”

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