Surprise Visitor

“Do you feel like having dinner tonight?”, came the voice over the phone from my friend Patrick.

He was in Sydney briefly overnight for a work training course.

As Patrick knew some of the other people, it seemed like a good idea to invite him along to our regular Wednesday night catchup at the pub.

We talked about this, that and the other. And Sweden, of course.

Patrick is also going to Sweden this year. Just four nights in Stockholm which he hopes will include a fair dose of Swedish pop music also.

It will be his third visit to Sweden, and the first for a friend he’s travelling with.

The “cult” grows.

Takeaway Indian
Takeaway Indian

We never did end up having dinner. After a couple of hours we were both keen to leave. He was staying with a friend.

And I was keen to hit the sack. I’m working quite hard at the moment.

Thus dinner for me was some Indian take-away.

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