It was another reasonably uneventful day for me. After a week on the road, I just wanted another quiet day at home.

I spent some time on genealogy research throughout the day, and then tonight I watched some television, including the Eurovision special on SBS.

“What are the worst songs this year?”, a colleague asked me this week. This is part of the whole Eurovision is crap philosophy that I don’t agree with. Sure, I love the camp stuff, but I also like it when there’s a good song.

“The song from the woman from Sweden is quite good”, I told him. He didn’t seem that interested. I also suggested “Satellite” by Germany, and I think that will get a run on radio this week.

Obviously having seen Anna Bergendahl in rehearsal, and being in Sweden for her win, I’m supporting her this year, though I did have songs from the Swedish finals I liked more, including Keep on Walking by Salem al Fakir and Manboy by Eric Saade. I like it, and I suspect it will do quite well, even though quite a few of my friends have declared it a “boring ballad”.

But there’s a few others I like too, including the entrant from Iceland, where it’s part liking the song, and part feeling a bit sorry for Iceland who’ve had their share of problems with volcanoes and economic crises.

As well as having to choose a favourite, I’m also facing a real dilemma this year: how to spend Eurovision.

After a number of years hosting a party at my place, we ventured out last year to a party at The Flinders Hotel.

In some ways it was good, in other ways it was crap. It was fun watching it with other people, and I loved chatting to a Swedish bloke but it wasn’t taken all that seriously by the organisers. There was a drag show which showed no connection to the event, they used a tarp for screen projection, and that’s just the start.

The same people who hosted an event last year are doing it again this year, though at a different venue.

I suspect the solution will be to download the show, watch it during the day, and then go out for a drink that night to watch the show on the big screen with a bunch of other poofs.

Along with watching elections, Eurovision remains my favourite sport, so I’ve got to choose carefully.

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