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I often see Paul Capsis at the local supermarket. He obviously lives in my area, given the number of times I’ve seen him at Coles. In contrast to his performance on stage, he often seems like a shy man when I’ve seen him buying milk. But on stage, he’s loud, outrageous, and fills the space. He is a great stage performer, as I’ve seen tonight at Slide Nightclub for the launch of his latest CD.

He sang half a dozen songs tonight, across a broad spectrum of musical genres that included jazz classics like “Feeling Good” and “Cry Me A River” through to a Janis Joplin number, and even, “I Would Die For You” by Garbage. “It takes a lot of talent to be able to scream in tune”, I commented to my friend who came along with me tonight. It was a reference to his performance of a number by Joplin, who Capsis described as one of his favourite performers. Seconds earlier he was singing in a very deep masculine tone. Seconds later he was in falsetto. And then before you knew it, his voice was rich and thick doing something different again,

In between songs he likes a laugh. He made a reference tonight to being how surprised to see people out on a wet night in Sydney. “It rains and we don’t know what to do”, he joked, knowing the whole audience understood completely.

Paul Capsis at Slide in Sydney
Paul Capsis at Slide in Sydney

Minutes earlier, a bloke from Melbourne asked me “don’t you have cloakrooms in Sydney?” Although I’d wanted to say, “honey, we don’t need ’em”, I’d directed him upstairs. I hope he understood Paul’s reference. Maybe. Maybe not.

On stage, Capsis really comes to life. It’s such a contrast to the man I see at the local supermarket. Either way, he seems like a lovely gentle soul.

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  1. Paul is just brilliant. I saw him perform live, somewhere in the distant past. The queues for his show at (can’t think of the word. A tent from Belgium at our Arts Centre) put me off seeing him there. I would pay to see him if I didn’t have to queue. Blokes from Melbourne visiting Sydney who are looking for a cloakroom to divest themselves are big time wankers.

  2. Hi Paul, I have recently bought “Make me a King”. Wow! You’re singing from a place that no singing teacher could have taught you. This album is so beautiful that I can’t quite put into words,how it makes me feel. This has become my favorite late night album………. Fond Regards Michael Millist

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