Why did I buy that?

Chinese Vegetables
Chinese Vegetables
“Why did I buy that?”, was my first thought when I found a can of “Chinese mixed vegetables” in the cupboard.

“And is it still edible?” was my second thought.

After surveying the can, reading about the origin, the ingredients and so on I concluded it probably was still edible. “Edible yes” I concluded, but maybe not “advisable”.

It reminded me of when I moved from Wagga to Sydney and found some food at the back of the cupboard which I knew I hadn’t bought, and was presumably a left-over from the previous tenant.

In hindsight, the “Chinese mixed vegetables” were probably a “convenience buy”. At the time, I probably THOUGHT it was something that would assist in an easy week-night meal, but obviously never quite got around to using.

You know it’s a Monday night when you start doing the semi-regular process of cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, don’t you?

It’s perhaps one of those things you do when you’re quite busy and need a bit of time out to do something which maybe doesn’t require a lot of brain power. It’s what I call “stuffing envelopes” at work. In the midst of all the creative, strategic, blah blah stuff that you’re paid to do, sometimes you’ve just got to stuff envelopes to keep yourself both grounded and to give your mind some “time out”.

“I’m working quite hard at the moment”, I told a friend on the phone tonight to which he replied, “You ALWAYS work very hard”.

I’m kinda doing two jobs right now, both of them quite busy ones. As I left the office tonight I said to a couple of colleagues, “I think the tax payer got good value for money today”.

But in the midst of it all, there’s time for a bit of socialising. I have Swedish class on Wednesday night, a farewell drinks for a colleague on Thursday who is going to Melbourne to work on the 7pm Project (how GREAT is that!!), and then on Friday night, I’m off to a play.

In between, I’m hoping to see my friend, The Best Judge who is flying out to Sweden on the weekend for Stockholm Pride. Lucky bastard.

As for me? No plans for the weekend, though yet. Maybe more cleaning out of my food cupboards?

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  1. Hi James! This post made me laugh…. I have just been trying out Trident soup packets for something super hot and spicy at work. LOL ~ what one does when there is no time, no inspiration and even worse not enough moula to buy something else. TG for payday this week.. tradesmen have gobbled up all my ready cash…. hmmm now what’s for dinner… Trident Laksa? xxxjax

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