Even though it wasn’t Swedish class

Even though we didn’t have Swedish class tonight, I’ve been trying to keep the night a little bit Swedish.

This includes watching some videos of Swedish comedian, Björn Gustafsson.

He first came to my attention in Melodifestivalen 2008. He was very funny as he performed a crazy physical comedy version of “What Is Love/Mr Vain”.

And then months later he appeared on Eurovision announcing the votes for Sweden. At the time he appeared to be drunk/nervous, though of course he wasn’t.

When I visited Stockholm in 2008, I saw him at Skansen in Stockholm. In fact, I stood next to him. Or rather he stood next to me, as we watched the bears together. He was with another bloke and a sheila, though I’m not exactly sure of the connection he had with either.

He was on the national television program, Allsång på Skansen.

And as funny and as charming as he is, h’s also quite a hotty, with a vast swathe of female teenage fans (and middle-aged gay male fans) impressed with his slim body and other attributes :) if you look closely enough.

So yeah, that was my replacement for Swedish class tonight.

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