Howard or Kernaghan?

Lee Kernaghan Hat
Lee Kernaghan Hat

So what do you think? Kernaghan or Howard ? Do I look better in a “Lee Kernaghan-style black hat” or better in a “John Howard visits regional Australia-style hat”? Or should I just wear a baseball cap like many of the others who’ll be attending?

I’m heading off first thing in the morning to the Gympie Muster, a big country music festival in South East Queensland. And although I’ve been to Tamworth on many occasions, I’ve never been to Gympie before.

I’m washing clothes at the moment, I’ve got my blunnies ready to go (but I wear those most days anyway), and I’ve got my camera charged up ready to document the muster.

For me, though, it’s an unknown quantity. All I’ve been told, so far, is that it’s a “little rougher” than the Tamworth Country Music Festival, So how do I fit in? Which hat do I wear? And I do need to wear a hat for sun protection. I’ve got a bunch of baseball caps that suit, but I’m thinking I might take one of my other hats as well.

The hat I’ve called “The Lee Kernaghan” IS actually a hat from Lee Kernaghan, the country music legend. Along with a bunch of other people I received one from him at an occasion where he was talking about the “Hand the hat around” tour he did a few years ago, where he raised money for a range of charities in different parts of regional and rural Australia.

John Howard Hat
John Howard Hat

I don’t remember exactly how I’ve come to have “The John Howard” but it’s a lovely and genuine akubra, and it’s the kind of hat that reminds me of when a city-based politician makes a trip to regional Australia and dons the akubra, the blue shirt, and the fawn coloured pants.

I think I wear “The Lee Kernaghan” a bit better, but I’d value your thoughts. But please be quick, as my flight leaves at 7.30 on Friday morning.

Although I’m going for work, I’m also quite looking forward to be getting out of Sydney. Although I’ve lived in Sydney for about 15 years now, and have become quite urbanised, there’s a boy from the bush deep inside.

And every time I leave Sydney for a few days in the country I feel refreshed. My mind opens up, I relax, I take in the smells, enjoy the wider spaces, and generally smile a lot more.

“You need to move back to the country settle down. get a low stress local abc job and life will unfold as it should. If that fails there is always gaydar.” was the text message which came from a long-term friend of mine last week. “Not yet” I responded.


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