China Flashback

Kate makes friends with an old Chinese lady
Kate makes friends with an old Chinese lady

In the last twenty-four hours I’ve had some lovely flashback memories of my time in China a few months ago.

Over lunch today, my friend Kate – who arrived back from Beijing yesterday – asked me what were my strongest memories and favourite parts of my trip to China. I told her I thought walking on the Great Wall was amazing, really amazing, and how I’d enjoyed the food immensely.

“It was the best food I’ve ever experienced, without exception on holiday”, I told her. As we enjoyed some dumplings and some pork over lunch, we reflected on how good the food was in Beijing, and how average it can sometimes be here in Sydney. It’s all relative I guess, since Asian food in Sydney is usually pretty fantastic, but in Beijing it’s even better.

“You know those pork buns which are always so gluggy here?”, I told her, adding they were universally tasty and non-gluggy there.

And then last night I chatted to a bloke I’ve known for a few years who is originally from China. He told me a former flatmate of mine – who I no longer converse with (he had a troublesome boyfriend) – was now living in China. “Did you go to Destination?” he asked me. When I replied in the affirmative on a Wednesday night, he told me it isn’t so good during the week and that I should have gone on the weekend.

Aside from that, it’s been a reasonably hectic twenty-four hours. I went out for dinner last night with some mates, which was fun. Afterwards, I ran into a mate and had a few drinks with him.

And then today has been “busy as”. I’ve approached a time of the year with several significant looming deadlines.

Disapora T-Shirt
Disapora T-Shirt

The only other bit of excitement in my day was receiving an invitation to join disapora, the so-called “non evil” version of Facebook. I made a donation towards the project a few months ago on the basis it was about you controlling your info, not Zuckerberg. Last week, I got the t-shirt, and today I got the invite.

They could turn out to be evil also, but from the look of things, I suspect not.

There have been a couple of articles about them here and here. It could be a big flop, of course, and it will probably never have the reach of Facebook, but a nice idea and one which I’m happy to support.

At the moment, it’s only in Alpha release which means it’s very very new. There’s about 10 people called James on it, for example. But I’ve got 10 invites, so if you’re a friend or family member and you would like to give it a try knowing you can probably only chat with me right now, drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite.

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